Cremation Jewelry Ring Men's Band Cremation Ashes InFused in Glass Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver size 10 Bands
Have it resized by a jeweler
 Handmade Cremation Memorial Glass Art, Cremation Jewelry, Cremation Glass Sculptures, Cremation Wind Chimes, Cremation Sun Catchers, Glass Candle and Mantle Displays, Military Memorials and more. All Special Designed with Cremation Ashes Infused into the Glass.
Cremation Ashes of your Loved One or Pet are Infused into Kiln Formed Glass.
Work one on one with Me as your Designer to find the keepsake for you. Cremation Infusion is a beautiful remembrance gift and can be handed down from generation to generation. 
Imagine the cremation ashes of your loved one captured forever into an unbelievable work of art. Infused into glass that can be handed down from generation to generation. What better way to capture the spirit of your loved one. I create one-of-a-kind works of art and jewelry that Infuses your loved one forever into glass.
All new Ash Collection Kits with purchase. Ships to you right away with instructions 
**Your crematory can pre package your ashes for your artwork or jewelry. just tell them you want 1 tablespoon set aside for cremation art at a later date. you can also request them to ship the ashes to me. 
Ash collection kit comes with everything you need including shipping envelope ,tracking and instructions on how to fill the provided bags.Just send back with 6 regular stamps
Men's Cremation jewelry ring sterling silver
Special Designed Cremation Memorial Keepsakes.
Cremation Ashes are Infused into Glass into a one-of-a-kind cremation memorial.
Made to Order Specialty Handmade Cremation Keepsakes
 Cremation ashes infused into a beautiful ring with your cremation ash inside .
 I am always available if you have any concerns or questions via email. All messages go to my phone.  Phone number available by request or after purchase. discounted prices for 3 or more. Annealed glass is fused to be durable and should last for generations.
How much ashes do I need? Just a pinch. 1 small dime size amount of the powered ashes can make 10 rings and pendants. 1small teaspoon can make 50 rings and 10 larger items. I encourage you to send as little as possible. If you ordered 2 items don't send twice as much. Please. : )
Studio Schedule 
Your work is scheduled in studio blocks of 1 week. Start Monday shipping Friday. first come first serve from the time i get your ashes. Most small items take exactly 3 to 4 studio days to finish and 7 days to mail back to you in your studio block. Excluding Holidays and Busy Seasons
insurance not applicable outside of U.S. Shipping including collection kit insurance and handling 
 contact me to combine shipping in a private listing.
Connecting is Everything! It is important while designing your custom memorial that I can feel connected with you and the spirit being honored. I would appreciate a copy of a photo and any other information that would help with the creation of your one-of-a-kind memorial. I am very respectful of spirit and light candles when they arrive. I hang pictures in studio and like to play music that you request. I sincerely strive to make this emotional decision a warm and comforting experience. I am on my own journey through grief.  I have only one mission and that is to honor spirit. Please remember this when preparing your collection kit for me. See Policy Page 
The shipping for this item is 17$ this includes your collection kit. If you are buying more than one item I will refund your shipping overages after purchase. this price will cover up to 6 small items. USPS Priority Mail 2-5 day Shipping on all cremation art and jewelry includes insurance and tracking. insurance not applicable outside of U.S. Shipping including collection kit insurance and handling. contact me to combine shipping in a private listing.
Most of the rings are mounted with a high quality glass metal epoxy and should not be worn in tub, hot tub, shower, bed or when using nailpolish remover. They are very strong but must be taken care of. wash with warm water only.I make extra beads for the rings as a backup emergency replacement. I will replace for free. Buyers responsible to save the backup cabs. Buyer wears any of my Jewelry at your own risk.  Thank you 
Read Policy Page and Ash Collection Page for more information